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Battleships: Naval Tactics

Battleships: Naval Tactics

Free online Battleships game. A simple but addictive single-player puzzle game, Battleships has been around since before the First World War.

This modern remake features crisp graphics, high quality sound effects and game statisics so you can keep track of how well (or badly!) you do.

Since Battleships: Naval Tactics launched on January 19th 2007 visitors have played 92146 games.
Humans have won 55496 battles and Machines have won 36650 battles.

SNAPP! Animals memory card game for kids

SNAPP! Animals

A classic memory card game featuring the all-time top 10 animals, as decided by me. Match all the pairs to win the game.

Play with 8, 12 or 18 cards. Every game is different with random animals, random placement and random card back designs!

sPUZZLE Adventure jigsaw puzzle for kids

sPUZZLE Adventure

A 24 piece jigsaw puzzle chosen at random from 4 puzzle sets and 4 colourful, adventure theme illustrations. That's 16 puzzles in 1 game!

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