SNAPP! Animals

A classic memory card game featuring the all-time top 10 animals, as decided by me. Match all the pairs to win the game. Play with 8, 12 or 18 cards. Every game is different with random animals, random placement and random card back designs!

How to Play SNAPP! Animals

Choose an easy, medium or hard game - the harder the level the more cards there are to match.
Turn a card by clicking on it with your mouse. Try to turn a matching second card; one with exactly the same picture as the first.
A matching pair will remain face up. Mismatched pairs will flip back over but try to remember what those cards were so you match them later!
The aim of the game is to match all the pairs with as few turns as possible. You will find out how many turns you took at the end of the game - try to better your score next time!